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About HighPoints K-12 Resources

Welcome To HighPoints
K-12 Resources

HighPoints K-12 Resources is a unique concept of connecting schools, students, and teachers in the new and ever evolving world of post education disruption caused by Covid-19.

At HighPoints K-12 Resources our aim is to bring back the consistency in education system and help schools continue to provide excellent education with new tools and more agile processes.

HighPoints K-12 Resources is a hub of virtual teaching staff services. Our teachers work along side regular teachers toprovide continuing education. We have a large pool of highly qualified, internet savvy teachers who are equipped to teach remotely or in-person.


Hybrid Workforce

We offer teaching workforce for Middle and High Schools across North America – especially in Maths and Science

Virtual Teaching

In the ‘new’ digital world, we offer schools and students an opportunity to safely continue their education through Virtual classrooms

On-demand Educators

We maintain a large workforce of teachers who are available for regular classes, or as temporary replacements – both long-term and short-term options available

Consistent Classrooms

Schools have a responsibility of providing consistent education to their students, and we play an important role in making it possible through our pool of teachers

Benefits for school

Benefits of setting up a
Hybrid Teaching Staff for
your school

Take advantage of global talent and ensure your students continue to receive consistent education without compromisingquality.

We help you source the best experienced and knowledgeable talent in the world of education.

  • Get access to highly qualified and experience teachers
  • Ensure your students are receiving best education
  • Offer Digital and Classroom teaching options
  • Provide consistent education in accordance withyour school’seducation plan
Benefits for teacher

Benefits of joining
HighPoints K-12

Being a teacher in ‘virtual’ times means you can share your knowledge and make a difference in the lives of students across the globe.

We are partners with schools across North America and callupon passionate educators to join the phenomenon of virtual classroom learning.

  • Flexibility - Work from home
  • Career Advancement – Enhance your profile as a teacher
  • Earn More – Teaching opportunities offered by HighPoints K-12 Resources are in North America
  • Gain Experience – Learn more about North American education system


Our partnership with HighPoints K-12 Resources has been nothing short of rewarding. The support and benefits we have received have allowed us to deliver high quality instruction and pedagogy to our students consistently


School Principal

Signing up with HighPoints K-12 Resources has been one of the best moves of my career. I work with the best educational institutions in the US, at my time, and benefit monetarily more. I love it.



HighPoints K-12 Resources provides me with a steady flow of high-quality teaching assignments with reputed Global Schools. I work flexible hours and I also feel quite fulfilled by benefiting the bright young students with my academic skills and knowledge.



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